How Important is Selling Popcorn?

Written by Pack155 on September 15, 2014

popcornkernelThe Scout Popcorn Sale is here again. The importance of selling popcorn really can’t be overstated. For scouts, direct benefits of the sale come in the form of earning sales prizes and gaining experience with presenting, selling, and achieving goals.

For the Pack, the sale is critical to “making the Pack go”. Indirect benefits for scouts come later — after the sale — when the Pack is able to meet all of its financial commitments for events, supplies, camp support, leadership training and more that go into providing the rewarding Pack 155 experience.

• What should your son’s selling goal be?

If each scout sells $600 of popcorn, the Pack will be in great shape. The math is pretty simple: the approximate annual cost for each scout is $190; the Pack receives a 33% return from the Glacier’s Edge Council for every dollar of popcorn sold. If each scout sells $600, we get roughly $200 back from the Council and every scout’s expenses are covered.

Remember, selling $600 per scout is a goal, not a “mandate”. Some scouts sell more, some less, and that’s okay. The important thing is to try — to do your best. As long as all scouts are at least selling some popcorn, everything will work out well. Make sure your boys know that selling popcorn is how they can do their part to earn their way to all the scouting fun that lies ahead. Really, it’s an important life lesson to be learned.

• More about the Scouting “expenses”…

Operating expenses for the Pack will be about $10,000. So where does that number come from? The $190-per-scout annual cost comes from these expenditures (twelve expenses, average $16 each):

Registration fees; Boy’s Life subscription; neckerchief & scout book; advancements & awards; Pack meeting expenses; den & leader supplies; Pinewood Derby cars, trophies, and supplies; Summer Day Camp, Resident Camp, and Winterfest support; Summertime Activities expenses; annual Christmastime donation to a WES family; leader training; and, Pack administrative costs.

• Goal setting and incentives

It’s all about making an honest effort. Probably going out 4 or 5 times in your neighborhood and then approaching family, friends, and parents’ coworkers will easily make that $600 goal. Maybe consider a trip to Pick ’N Save, Copps, or Gander Mountain, too? Make sure your boys know that while they can earn great prizes, it’s also about earning their way for the year’s activities.

We really appreciate your efforts. This sale minimizes any further out-of-pocket expenses to you during the scout year and really makes the Pack go. THANK YOU!

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