Popcorn Sale General Info

Popcorn Info!It’s popcorn time, and you’ve come to the right place. Below is the basic information you need for the Cub Scouts Annual Popcorn Sale.


Popcorn Sale Program 2023

Sale Dates: September 15th – October 23rd

The Scout Popcorn Sale is here again! The importance of selling popcorn really can’t be overstated. For scouts, direct benefits of the sale come in the form of earning sales prizes and gaining experience with presenting, selling, and achieving goals.

For the Pack, the sale is critical to “making the Pack go”. Indirect benefits for scouts (and parents) come later — after the sale — when the Pack is able to meet its financial commitments for events, supplies, camp support, leadership training and more that go into providing the rewarding Pack 155 experience.

This is our only fundraiser! The more popcorn we sell, the more options we have for expanding our programming!

Ways to Sell

  • Show & Sell – Get a starter inventory kit and start selling!
  • Take Order – Contact customers for their order, let Kernel know what you need, then deliver to customers.
  • Storefront – Do not use your personal inventory! Storefront inventory kits will be coordinated by Angie Mayr.
  • Online – Please contact the Kernel to get set up with an online account if needed.
  • Combination of all methods!

Going out 4 or 5 times in your neighborhood and then approaching family, friends, and parents’ coworkers, and working at a few storefronts will easily make the Pack goal. Make sure scouts know that while they can earn great prizes, it’s also about earning their way for the year’s activities—and helping out our community!

Remember to make it fun! Have a daily goal (# of houses, # of lines on the order form, etc.).

Take snack/reward breaks if needed! “Hangry” scouts are no fun!

Initial Starter Kit Pickup 

Friday, Sept 15th 2pm-7pm and Saturday, Sept 16th 9am-11am at 4398 Snowy Ridge Trail, Windsor, WI 53598

Popcorn Contacts:

  • Popcorn Kernel:
    • Stacey Keller
    • zwets13@yahoo.com
    • Pickup and Restock Location: 4398 Snowy Ridge Trail, Windsor, WI 53598

Storefront Sales:

The Pack has already signed up for may store front days and times.  Please first check the link below to see what days and times are available.  We want to fill the days we have already signed up for. Angie will coordinate with Scouts and Parents for inventory, set up, and take down.

Signup link: