Tigers kickoff meeting!

Written by Pack155 on October 13, 2008

I know you must all be anxiously awaiting word on when we will have our first Den Meeting. But there has been promising developments in finding a time and place large enough for the Tiger Cubs to meet, and I’m just awaiting word from the DeForest Public Library to confirm their availability. If they verify the time and place, we’ll have our first Den Meeting this Wednesday, October 15, at 6:00 at the DeForest Public Library. We’ll send out a confirmation email as well as make a phone call to ensure that everyone gets the message.

I know this is short notice and schedules are crazy, so if you are unable to make it to the meeting this time out, we will work with you to get you the information you need and any questions answered. I’m hoping that the majority of the Den will be able to come. Stay tuned…